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JAV HD | [Watanabe Mei] PPPD-581 Watanabe Mei 19 Years Old AV Debut – HD

JAV HD | [Watanabe Mei] PPPD-581 Watanabe Mei 19 Years Old AV Debut – HD
ID: PPPD-581
Release Date: 2017-08-01
Length: 170 min(s)
Quality Video: HD or FHD
Maker: Oppai
Label: Oppai
Genre(s): 3P, 4P Solowork Big Tits Titty Fuck POV Debut Production
JAV Model: Watanabe Mei
Main content:
Three Vietnamese JAV HD children's faces such as Cao Huu Nhat, Le Huyen Vy and Nguyen Khanh Linh suddenly attracted attention when they participated in the "Prince & Princess International 2017" (Thailand) contest and took first place On the polls.
"Prince and Princess International 2017" is an international playground for children JAV HD Online from 4 to 12 years old across Asia Pacific held in Thailand. The contest has entered the 17th season but this is the first time the participation of Vietnamese child representatives is Cao Huu Nhat, Le Huyen Vy and Nguyen Le Khanh Linh.
This year, with the theme of "The Extravaganza", "Prince and Princess International" gathered 50 participants from 17 countries around the world gathered in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Candidates entering the inner circle will travel to Thailand on July 25th and must go JAV HD Streaming through the examination rooms as interviews with international jurors, visiting the Friendship Party or the Welcome Party, performing Super Talent contest, before the finale (Grand Final) with traditional costumes took place on 30/7/2017.
Thanks to the participation of 3 child representatives, this contest attracted the attention of Vietnamese audiences JAV HD Sex. Thanks to that, in the last days of the online round, Cao Huu Nhat, Nguyen Le Khanh Linh, Le Huyen Vy was widely supported, led the poll on the official fanpage of the program.
Currently leading the ranking with more than 25,000 votes is Miss Le Huyen Vy. "Born to be a model" is what others say about 8-year-old Le Huyen Vy. Vietnam now has a lot of young models, but rarely have a face that the quality as well as the passion of fashion is revealed soon as Huyen Vy - she owns model characteristics by face and personality. coldly.
By the end of 2016, Huyen Vy first attended a big JAV HD Uncensored show of a fashion brand. Although it was the first catwalk on a big stage, Huyen Vy still confidently stepped on the mature runway.
Witnessing the impressive performance of a 7-year-old girl, many big designers and a reputed fashion brand were immediately convinced. Huyen Vy continued to appear in a variety of popular programs such as Eva De Eva, London Signature 2017, Vietnam International Fashion Week, ...
Followed by Huyen Vy is Nguyen Le Khanh Linh - a 6 year old children JAV HD Censored are known by the attractive face and the ability to stride confidently on the catwalk.
White skin, big round eyes are the highlight on the face that Khanh Linh has won much love of the audience. At any stage whether large or small, Khanh Linh always very confident and extremely professional to transform themselves in many different images.
Up to the present time, the child has made his own steps on many famous fashion shows with various events such as: Vietnam junior fashion week 2017; Hai Phong talented sperm; Den Nguyen show, show Miss Ngoc Han, Khanh Linh JAV HD Model... Each show of this model she is the children of the professional and audience appreciate.
The top 3 in the top was Cao Huu Nhat - a boy whose style of personality and "gu" fashion has become a very prominent name in the Vietnamese children's art.
Born and raised in a family with no model, but with a hidden artistry and well trained as a child, Huu Nhat has taken firm steps and is gradually asserting the village. Body on the road of his art activities.
Even though she's only 7 years old, she has more than 2 years of experience on stage at big fashion shows like Vietnam International Fashion Week, Canifa Fashion Street, London Signature 2017 ...
Not only is the face familiar on the catwalk, Huu Nhat is also involved in many commercials, modeling for the big boy fashion brand as well as performing on stage as a dancer. All of that has created a supreme multi-talented boyfriend.
It is known that all 3 Vietnamese representatives were directed by Le Tran Dac Ngoc to guide and lead the delegation to attend. With experience in event management, production of reality TV programs as well as multi-functional in the fields of MC and media, Mr. Le Tran Dac Ngoc confident will know how to make the mark as well. Such as bringing the light to the candidates representative children Vietnam.

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