JAV HD | SRS-036 Amateur Hunter 2 · 21 – HD

JAV HD | SRS-036 Amateur Hunter 2 · 21 – HD
ID: SRS-036
Release Date: 2015-04-10
Length: 130 min(s)
Quality Video: HD or FHD
Maker: Prestige
Label: Shirouto Senka
User Rating: (5.50)
Genre(s): Other Fetish Amateur
JAV Model: ---
Main Content:
JAV HD Praise the bravery of the mother, accept the pain of childbirth, love the father for the child, love the husband for his wife ... all this message was photographed Tien Nguyen (born in 1990) Sent in the photo "Mother is a warrior in my heart".
Photo taken on 19/6/2017, location is Sunshine Hospital JAV HD Sex, Victoria (Australia). The whole picture is the moments photographed by Tien Nguyen realist about the "natural" song of Emma Ha Duong.
Sharing about the photo, Ms. Tien said she is a very fond of the baby JAV HD Online, especially the unique ideas, strange people do but bring a lot of emotions for viewers.
"Because a baby born is very rare, very spiritual, and I want to praise the bravery of the mother JAV HD Streaming, accept painful birth; Father love for you; Love husband for wife ... ", Tien said.
Everyone knows, for a baby to be born mother to suffer but how hard it is to express that sacrifice with pictures, so when the invitation was received, the photographer agreed.
Tien does not think that the set will get so much attention, people JAV HD Censored are called "set photo to life". To her, "that day, what I witnessed in the recording is indeed too transcendental to be portrayed in words, I will never forget ...", Tien touched.
One thing Tien Nguyen said, the photo is also very meaningful when the JAV HD Uncensored mother is Emmy baby ultrasound baby, doctors diagnosed baby with a rare lung disease 1 / 35,000 so the couple want to write The moment their second daughter was born ...
Very fortunate that the baby was born healthy and up to now nearly 1 month. Photo sets as a gift of Tien's month to send gifts to the baby family.
During the implementation of the photo, photography has encountered many difficulties as this is the first time she made this type of image, first witnessed and afraid of blood itself. The pain of the mother, the pity, anxiety, nervousness, the breath of the mother's pain, ... she all experienced.
"The most difficult thing to do is to position yourself to record all the moments. Especially the moment the baby just came out his father cried. Because these moments in a very short time, the wrong focus or slow is missed out ... ", Tien shared.
But in the end, overcoming all difficulties, all the images were recorded and touched the hearts of viewers. The set has received over 4,200 views and hundreds of share. The series carries the message of the great sacrifice of the mother, the divine, the great.

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